Video: Hysterical Woman Pleads with Bear to Not Eat Her Kayak


When you’re miles away from civilization and your only method of transportation is a kayak, you’d probably be pretty hysterical if a bear decided to come along and break it. This video was uploaded to YouTube earlier this week by Mary Maley, who recorded the footage during a solo kayak trip in Alaska from Ketichikan to Petersburg. While drying her stuff near a cabin in Berg Bay, Maley came across an inquisitive bear.

“I had just carried my tent, food, and all my gear into the cabin to dry while I went on a 4 mile hike that begins just behind the cabin,” she wrote. “I heard something outside as I ate my lunch, and well, I never got to go on that hike.”

Maley used a can of bear spray on the critter, but all that seemed to do was bring it back to munching on the kayak.

“Bear! Please stop breaking my things!” Maley cried in the video. “It’s not even food, it doesn’t even taste good! It’s just plastic. Bear, please stop!”

Her pleading made have made her the blunt of jokes on the internet—and made her video go viral—but we can totally understand her panic. Maley said by the time the bear left, the kayak was too damaged to be used and she had to swim out to a sailboat in the bay. A few helpful boaters eventually gave her a lift back to Wrengell, where she is repairing the kayak.

What would you have done in this scenario?

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