Outdoor Sportsman Group Networks announced on Thursday that cable provider Verizon has dropped Outdoor Channel from its television carriage service. The move comes less than a month after Verizon similarly removed Sportsman Channel from its lineup, and Verizon is now urging viewers to seek “alternative programming” such as the Discovery Channel and History.

“Our partners, advocates and viewers of outdoor lifestyle programming are very disappointed with Verizon’s actions in the last month,” said Jim Liberatore, CEO and President of Outdoor Sportsman Group Networks, in a press release. “It should concern all Americans that one company can silence the only relevant voice of an entire industry with the flip of a switch.”

Verizon explained that its decision to drop Sportsman Channel from FiOS TV last month was due to ongoing costs and other factors. At the time, the company did not give any indication that sister network Outdoor Channel would be dropped as well, although the channel was suspiciously absent in Verizon’s list of alternatives—which customers have criticized for not being similar to the removed channels in the least.

“We have decided not to renew our contract for Sportsman Channel due to its low viewership, and have discontinued broadcasting it. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause,” the company told customers in September.

Now with both channels gone, Liberatore said FiOS TV is almost completely devoid of any shows for hunters, anglers, and other outdoors enthusiasts. Outdoor Sportsman Group Networks is currently encouraging their viewers to demand their channels’ return on Verizon or alternatively, switch to another cable provider entirely.

You can watch a video from Sportsman Channel regarding its removal below:

Not surprisingly, many sportsmen and women are encouraging media companies to start outdoor-specific online video networks, where they will no longer be shackled by cable providers.

“I am advising all of the outdoor networks to come together and start Huntflix (like Netflix but for hunting and fishing),” wrote one commenter on Outdoor Channel’s Facebook.

The good news for fans of this programming is that these types of video-streaming networks already exist. CarbonTV, a division of OutdoorHub’s parent company Carbon Media Group, is one such service. It provides on-demand programming specifically geared toward those who love the great outdoors. You can check out CarbonTV’s diverse array of hunting, shooting, fishing, and rural lifestyle content here.

Editor’s note: Please forgive the shameless plug—but if you like outdoor TV, you’ll love CarbonTV.

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14 thoughts on “Verizon Drops Outdoor Outdoor and Sportsman Channels

  1. Interesting that they cancel the outdoor programing. Thats the only channel that use to consider purchases.
    Really how many go out and buy something just because we saw it on a program. However the Outdoor channel has wheat we want.
    Just saying…. advertisers… Wake up..

  2. This is crazy, how can Verizon cut these channels number , but at this time of year just has to be one of the worst decisions they have ever made. This will cost them thousands as I am switching and after speaking with many at our local Fish & Wildlife Club they are seeking an alternative also. Bad choices Verizon.

  3. Called Verizon today and cancelled the “Sports” package. Verizon dropped two of the three programs I watch. WFN is mostly salt water fishing which isn’t my thing so good by Verizon, hello Net.

  4. Carbon TV is ok, but it’s not new episodes; only episodes from previous seasons, and in the case of Shawn Michael’s MRA, it doesn’t even contain all of the episodes of a full season, only a portion of them. In addition, Carbon TV doesn’t have all of the shows that I liked to watch.

  5. I am very angry with Verizon, I will cancel my services with them when I can. I have been a loyal customer for many years. I have no doubt there is political motivations behind the decision. Oops I hope I didn’t offend anybody! Sorry 🙂

  6. Their claim of low viewership is a joke. They continue to carry gay related channels and tennis channel. Please. I cancelled the leftist HBO channel and told them I will not pay the same price for fewer channels. They cancel Fishing channel and its hello Direct tv.

  7. I just hate how Verizon operates; without notice or consideration for viewers/costumes. W/o notice drops the outdoor channel. I love that channel and must have it. This just gives the final reason to switch to Comcast. I have already dropped verizon for cellular service and now will drop it for cable/internet/phone.
    Very disappointed Fios

  8. The NRA needs to organize people to drop verizon also other groups that support hunting,fishing, shooting . Next you won’t be able to watch a hockey game . If you want to get rid of something get rid of the Spanish channel so illegals won’t have anything to watch.

  9. Cancelled my two favorite channels and 11 of my DVR’d programs in a flash! And in a flash I’m going to cancel them! However, I love my Verizon wireless. Does anyone know how ATT’s service compares with Verizon’s? I’d hate to drop Verizon;s cell service, but will in order to get my channels back via DirecTV if I have no other choice. AND THESE BOZOS STILL HAVEN’T THE COURTESY TO RETURN MY CALLS OR ANSWER MY EMAIL MESSAGES AS TO WHY THEY DID THIS, AND WHY THEY DIDN’T GIVE ME A CHANCE TO PAY MORE TO KEEP THEM! Sad, indeed…

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