Depending on how you look at it, this woman actually got a great deal. Jasemin Stephenson of Virginia Beach was shopping for her six-year-old son online when she found the perfect birthday gift: a foam Minecraft sword from Toys “R” Us. When the toy arrived on Tuesday, however, Stephenson found that the retail chain included something that’s not usually in their lineup.

In the box that held the foam sword were boxes of Sellier & Bellot 9x19mm ammunition. In total, the mom said that her order came with 800 rounds, which held a market price of around $180. Compared to the $20 foam sword, it could be certainly seen as a bargain. Stephenson did not see it that way.

“It is very shocking. You are ordering from a Toys “R” Us store, you don’t expect to get ammo in a box of toys,” she told USA Today.

Stephenson said she has no idea where the ammunition came from since she certainly did not order any, and that the inclusion of the rounds was “very irresponsible” on the part of Toys “R” Us. A spokesperson with the company said that the chain is currently investigating where the ammunition came from.

Image screenshot of video by USA TODAY on YouTube

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5 thoughts on “Woman Orders Toy from Toys “R” Us, Receives 800 Rounds of Ammo

  1. OH GEEZ, the woman needs to calm down. It’s obvious the toy sword and ammo probably came from a distribution center, like an Amazon warehouse or something. Places like Amazon now use robots to retrieve the product ordered, then pack it in the shipping box. Now if it wasn’t Amazon, it was likely a different warehouse company. Toy R Us was like the “middle man” in this deal. Toys R Us likely buys toys through a distributor when a retail customer places an order. That distributor probably sells man things, not just toys. REMAIN CALM WOMAN! REMAIN CALM CNN!

  2. Unless she also ordered her child a 9mm weapon I don’t think she needs to worry about him hurting himself.

    She did order a toy sword for her child so she is teaching him about weapon-play. She will probably also buy him some violent video games when he is older. If you have an issue with weapons then you should probably have an issue with all weapons. Her uninformed bias is showing.

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