Video: Man Demos Bulletproof Glass Using His Wife


There’s having confidence in your product, and then there’s just asking for trouble. This video, purportedly from the 1930s, shows a husband-and-wife team demonstrating a pane of bulletproof glass. Instead of testing the glass in a safe and scientifically proven method, the woman just holds the pane between her hands while her husband blasts away at it. With every shot the glass is jerked violently backwards. We’re not sure what kind of ammunition he’s using, but this is not safe by anybody’s standards.

Even when she held the glass off to the side, there was still a good chance that she could’ve caught some bullet fragments. Judging from how close some of those impacts were to her fingers, we’re going to go off on a limb and guess that her husband was a trick shooter with pinpoint accuracy.

Let’s hope they weren’t having marital problems at the time.

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