Video: Alaskan Moose Brawl Spills Out into Suburban Streets


Moose are not a rare sight in Anchorage, Alaska, but when Josh Tyra found two massive bulls duking it out in his neighborhood, he knew he had to take a video of it.

“One was like, carrying the other one all the way across the street,” Tyra told WFSB after he and his father recorded the brawl on Friday.

According to witnesses, the bulls were fighting over the attention of a nearby cow moose, who promptly left as soon as the melee started. By that point, the bulls were already too focused on each other to notice the female’s departure—or the small crowd that had gathered to watch as they butted antlers and stumbled across a driveway. At least one vehicle was damaged in the duel but nobody was hurt. At several points in the video, the bulls did send a few of the bystanders, including the cameraman, scrambling for cover.

“It was crazy,” said Josh’s father, Bill Tyra.

In the end, a final charge from one of the bulls decided the match and sent his rival running for the woods. The triumphant moose stood around for a few minutes, perhaps wondering where the cow moose had went, and then left.

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Part 2:

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