10-year-old Shatters Own Pending Record with 847-pound Bluefin Tuna


In August OutdoorHub reported on the potential junior record bluefin tuna reeled in by 10-year-old Koen Norton, an impressive 486-pound fish caught off the coast of Prince Edward Island in Canada. Less than two months later, Norton may have broken his own pending world record. The young angler’s father, Greg Norton, announced this week on Facebook that his son hooked an even larger 847.7-pound tuna not too far from his first catch.

“Well folks, this 10 year old has accomplished a huge feat once again!” wrote Captain Greg Norton, who operates Tightline Tours out of Prince Edward Island. “Koen has shattered his own pending record landing this monster 847.7lb giant bluefin! Taking him 1 hour and 35 min of battle on stand up. All that can be said is, wow!”


The new giant bluefin weighed almost twice as much as the 10-year-old’s previous catch, and was about twice the boy’s height. Its massive weight certainly qualified the tuna for the International Game Fish Association’s small fry tuna record, which is held by anglers aged 10 or younger. The current record fish for that category only weighs a comparatively measly 48 pounds and 9 ounces.

“When I saw it come out of the water I thought I had a record that was never going to be broken,” Koen Norton told the CBC.

The light weight of the current boy’s small fry record means that it is the source of some fierce competition. Also in August, another young angler from Tasmania bagged his own potential record tuna, but that fish only weighed a little over 262 pounds. At over 847 pounds, Norton is confident that his record will last for some time.

IGFA officials say they have not received the application for Norton’s most recent record catch, but news of the massive tuna has already reached them.

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