Conservation groups today praised the US House Committee on Natural Resources for passing a monumental piece of legislation with many benefits for outdoorsmen—including hunters, anglers, and recreational shooters. The Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Act seeks to improve public access to federal lands, guard against regulations that would ban or limit hunting or angling, and protect against laws would make traditional fishing equipment illegal. Previous versions of the bill failed in the last two sessions of Congress, but conservation groups are optimistic that the third attempt will bring success.

“Hunting and fishing are a part of our national heritage, and it is just common sense that they should be permitted by default on all federal lands. This bill protects the rights of sportsmen to access and enjoy the lands that are owned by all of us, and I am proud to see this bill move through the legislative process,” Congresman Dan Benishek (R-MI), who helped write the bill, said in a press release.

Organizations who supported the legislation included the US Sportsmen’s Alliance, Safari Club International, Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, NRA, and the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Notably, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) opposed the bill, and its CEO, Wayne Pacelle, wrote a scathing blog post against the legislation.

“The [SHARE Act] is about many things, but it is not about helping the rank-and-file sportsman,” he wrote on his personal blog.

Pacelle claimed that the SHARE Act will only provide a “legislative gift bag to the trophy-hunting and trapping lobbies,” and perhaps more controversially, that it will prevent the US government from cracking down on international poaching.

“The bill has other terrible provisions to promote cruel commercial trapping on federal lands, to bar federal agencies from regulating toxic lead ammunition that poisons wildlife, and to grant bow hunters access to our national parks. The whole bill, with one ugly provision after another, is rotten to its core,” Pacelle continued.

The leaders of other conservation groups however, disputed the HSUS CEO’s claims. Supporters of the SHARE Act say the bill will work to protect wildlife through North America’s greatest and most avid conservationists: hunters and anglers.

“At a time when lack of access is one of the greatest barriers for hunter and angler recruitment and retention, we’re anxious to see a comprehensive and bipartisan sportsmen’s package advance to the President’s desk. Today’s action by the Natural Resources Committee is an important first step in that process,” Whit Fosburgh, president and CEO of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, said in a press release. “It is critical to support improvements to public access, while also working to strengthen our investment in conservation—because access means nothing without healthy fish, wildlife, and habitat.”

The bill still has a long way to go before it becomes a law however. Having passed the House committee, the SHARE Act now goes before the full House for consideration.

Image courtesy Bureau of Land Management

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8 thoughts on “Pro-hunting Bill Passes US House Committee Despite Opposition from HSUS

  1. The HSUS and similar groups like Project Coyote make up and lie about any opposition they have. They have no issue with taking money from citizens to fund their large salaries, health insurance, and retirement funds. They hide money overseas, put on false advertising to raise money, and many more things that break the law all in the name or animals. It appears that our law makers are finally starting to see that this anti-hunting agenda is bad for America! My hat is off to them.

  2. HSUS is a criminal org. They are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of kitties and puppies. They spend all their “donations” on fighting hunting laws in courts all across the country (and world) with money they received based on the rescue of abused domestic animals. Yet they spend nothing on long term care and placement of these animals. The vast majority of animals they collect are euthanized in short order. So if you do get a pet from the HSUS it is truly a rescue, from HSUS. The left anti hunt and fish have infiltrated ALL institutions that have traditionally stood for hunt/fish/conservation, including Depts. of Natural Resources, long standing outdoor publications, shows, etc. There are very few that are in it for the right reasons, so too, my hat goes off to them. Now let’s go House, keep it rolling.

    1. HSUS is just one of those valuable groups that respects all living things, where you come up with your fantasy is a great question, must be this days NRA talking point as is beyond silly. reeks of uninformed propaganda.

  3. Interesting how complaints against HSUS include killing…isn’t that what hunters do??? Your portrayal of HSUS is so off base, but nice try…

  4. HSUS raises hell about killing wild game. there are people who are against fishing. Has anybody been in packing houses which kill beef and pork. It gets pretty gruesom at times but its as humane as it can get. Who is gonna give up steak , burgers ham or bacon. Preetysoon the idiots will rais hel about what is done to veggies. Its never ending.
    I hunt and fish. All I’m after is a meal from it. It costs a lot less than the grocery store . Most hunters and fishermen are like that. too bad there is so many noisemaking idiots out there.

  5. @fw HSUS like so many other groups of this type has been invaded by communists, communists who occupied these groups after the fall of the Soviet union. It is nothing more than another organization out to remove as many freedoms from the American people as it can.
    As for you ACH, NO hunting is not about KILLING! The ones who TRY and participate in that are called POACHERS! and there isn’t a Hunter in America that I know who DOES NOT abhor poaching. When we hunt it is to put meat in our freezers, for variety. We hunt to pass on to our sons and daughters long held traditions of LIFE IN AMERICA and to teach SELF RELIANCE! While HSUS on the other hand collects vast amounts of money to employ a few elitists who want to FURTHER control EVERY aspect of our lives. They collect this money under FALSE pretenses for saving discarded domesticated animals when in fact when they do find and “rescue” these animals they usually DESTROY those animals within a week of obtaining them!

    1. In your last thought, I think you are referring to PETA, not HSUS. PETA admits to killing a couple of thousand dogs & cats every year, in the official reports they must make to the Commonwealth of Virginia. Since they do not have any facilities for holing live animals at their Norfolk, VA, headquarters, most of those animals are killed within minutes of being accepted — pretty much as soon as the people leave the room.

      On the other hand, except for a small number of “legacy” facilities acquired when HSUS merged with other groups such as the Fund For Animals, HSUS does not even pretend to run shelters or rescues. This, despite raising funds with PSA’s showing puppies & kittens and raising money off those sad faces.

      1. Wayne Pacelle has, throughout his 25+ year activist career, been obsessed with fighting legislative WARS with the NRA, hunters, animal agriculture, and the fur industry. Pacelle, from day one of his 25+ years in animal rights, has exercise very poor judgement and unprofessional (to put it mildly) conduct when fighting his political battles. His early fight for the right to harass hunters in the field resulted in anti-harassment laws in every state. His insatiable appetite for money, power and publicity – and the tactics he uses to achieve his goals – have alienated many in the legitimate animal welfare community, brought about government investigations for fraud, and and a huge RICO settlement that resulted in a Donor Advisory from Charity Navigator. When caught in a lie, he responds with an even bigger lie. He doesn’t seem to care that in the age of the internet, he cannot get away with his aberrant behavior. And the more it is pointed out that 501(c)(3) tax exempt charities are not legally permitted to be action organizations, engaging in significant lobbying and political activity, the more defiant he gets and the more lobbying HSUS does.

        Wayne Pacelle definitely claims that HSUS shelters and rescues animals and he has boasted that HSUS provides direct care to more animals than any other animal organization. Earlier this year, he perjured himself while testifying before Congress. When he was asked about the TV fundraising ads implying HSUS runs pet shelters, he said there is a big disclaimer up front in every ad stating that HSUS is “independent” from local humane societies. After that lie was exposed on video, more members of Congress and several state charity regulators started digging into HSUS’s direct mail solicitations too. Notice the new TV infomercials are more about the seal hunt and non companion animals than ever before. HSUS is having a bad 2015 – following a terrible 2014. It is now a sinking ship – a BIG one, but sinking in the ways that matter. And it is going to get worse.

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