In the wake of Pope Francis’s visit to America late last month, one archbishop has decided to take the opportunity to speak out against guns and especially so-called “assault weapons.” In an opinion piece for the Chicago Tribune, Archbishop Blase J. Cupich, leader of the Archdiocese of Chicago, railed against weapons manufacturers and urged Congress to consider tighter regulations. Cupich also wrote about what he viewed as abuse of the Second Amendment and asks for a compromise.

“Let’s be honest. The Second Amendment was passed in an era when organized police forces were few and citizen militias were useful in maintaining the peace. Its original authors could not have anticipated a time when the weapons we have a right to bear now include military-grade assault weapons that have turned our streets into battlefields,” Cupich wrote. “The Second Amendment’s original intent has been perverted by those who, as Pope Francis recently commented, have profited mightily. Surely there is a middle ground between the original intent of the amendment and the carnage we see today.”

Cupich pointed to Chicago’s own gun laws as an example of how to regulate retailers and lower gun violence.

Some observers have noted Chicago’s high rate of crime-related shootings despite the city’s tight leash on guns, and others voiced their concern over the clergy taking a stance on what they view as a purely secular issue.

“With all due respect Archbishop, why must my rights be infringed because others can’t control themselves?” wrote one commenter on the opinion piece.  “As a law abiding citizen who has never fired a weapon, in civilian life, in anger, why should I be burdened with more laws that the criminals won’t follow anyway?”

Archbishop Cupich also recently announced his support of banning concealed firearms in Chicago-area churches. Gun owners were only recently allowed to carry weapons into houses of worship after concealed carry was legalized last year, and the decision to allow guns inside was left up to the individual churches.

“I know that in many dioceses there are policies that firearms are not permitted in churches, and I think that’s that’s only reasonable,” Cupich said during a news conference in July.

You can hear the Archbishop speak more about guns in churches below.

Cupich’s harsh critique of gun culture in his opinion piece comes only weeks after Pope Francis visited the United States. In the past Pope Francis also criticized weapons manufacturers, adding that “everything is done for money.”

Image from Mvaldemar on the Wikimedia Commons

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4 thoughts on “Chicago Archbishop Says Second Amendment Has Been “Perverted”

  1. I really see this as a bad deal. The constitution was what made America, and the second amendment, right to bear arms is a good deal. I will never surrender my weapons to any self serving politician in Washington DC. i own guns, both long arms and short arms, i am a tax paying citizen, never have had any trouble with the law, and never intend to, and i will never give up the right to bear arms.

    If we give up our right to bear arms, the only ones with weapons will be the thugs on the street corner, buying them with drug money, to facilitate their illicit
    businesses. People with intent to sell drugs, murder, hold hostage, and such. What i call thugs.

    I will keep my weapons, i will hunt, i will target practice, and i will have them in my gun case at my home, for me to admire, and enjoy, while i am not using them.

    I will certainly never give into any political organization, no church will tell me what i can , and cannot have, which is the right to own and bear arms.

    This whole deal about surrendering our weapons comes from a very ill society, not taking care of our young children, and raising them properly. America’s core values, mores, and such, have gone away. American’s are too busy chasing the dollar, and ignoring their families. This is where the problem comes from.

    It’s a sad time, when we see, mentally ill people ( raised in our society ) shooting innocent people at random, which has nothing to do with gun ownership, and what hard working people like myself do with their weapons,.

  2. Oh dang. My street was a battlefield just last week. Assault weapons blasting out every window, crazy white people ducking behind cars with aluminum foil on their heads. It was awful. And by the way, while I’m sure the Catholic church is perfectly clean and doesn’t use that massive wealth pouring into the Pope’s pocket for their own purposes, I’m the dick cause, working at 30 hours a week, I still feel the need to try to save for a good self defense weapon. But, unfortunately, me and the gun store will “profit mightily”,unlike the Catholic church. Right? RIGHT?!

  3. A.B Cupich and statements
    is part of the reason
    patriotic Americans refuse
    to sit in church pews
    and listen to his Communist based

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