In most circumstances, shooting clays out of a Ferrari while doing donuts is pretty dangerous. It’s the kind of behavior you’d expect to see coming from the spoiled children of multi-millionaires with trust funds larger than the collective GDP of small island nations.

However, it is not some spoiled dilettante behind the shotgun this time, but rather expert marksman and instructor Philip Thorrold. For him, being carted around in the Ferrari SA Aperta—seen by some as the most exclusive model from the Italian car maker—is just morning practice.

Could you imagine trying to shotgun a moving target while being flung around in a car that can go from zero to 60 in 3.35 seconds?

Yeah, you’re not going to want an audience for this one.

Image is a screenshot of video by Philip Thorrold - Extreme Shooting on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Video: Shooting Clays out of a Spinning Ferrari

  1. Looks like fun. Being a pretty good low gun skeet shooter once upon a time I don’t really think this looks all that hard. I could always go over 95% on doves and I think that is tougher. Getting tossed around in the vehicle more that he appears to to be would make it harder.

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