Canadian Composer Mocks American Gun Culture in Satirical Video


Full of poor firearm handling and gun control rhetoric, a music video on YouTube is drawing some controversy over its depiction of American gun culture. Produced by Quebec composer Jean-Sébastien Houle and staring comedian Virginie Fortin as the lead singer, “Guns Bless America” is an overt parody of American gun ownership.

Few people are amused.

“I like the artistic quality, but disagree with its implied message,” wrote one user on YouTube.

“Everyone involved in making this should feel ashamed at how pretentious, ignorant, and bigoted this piece of crap is,” wrote a harsher critic.

Much of the criticism seems to stem from the fact that the makers of the video live in Canada rather than the United States—although Fortin did attend college briefly in Chicago. The anti-American commentary on the YouTube page also angered many viewers, and lyrics such as “I do the groceries with my gun” struck the wrong cord with Second Amendment supporters.

“You can restrict guns as much as you want, but you only end up stopping law abiding citizens from owning guns,” wrote one commenter on YouTube.

You can watch the video below:

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