Full of poor firearm handling and gun control rhetoric, a music video on YouTube is drawing some controversy over its depiction of American gun culture. Produced by Quebec composer Jean-Sébastien Houle and staring comedian Virginie Fortin as the lead singer, “Guns Bless America” is an overt parody of American gun ownership.

Few people are amused.

“I like the artistic quality, but disagree with its implied message,” wrote one user on YouTube.

“Everyone involved in making this should feel ashamed at how pretentious, ignorant, and bigoted this piece of crap is,” wrote a harsher critic.

Much of the criticism seems to stem from the fact that the makers of the video live in Canada rather than the United States—although Fortin did attend college briefly in Chicago. The anti-American commentary on the YouTube page also angered many viewers, and lyrics such as “I do the groceries with my gun” struck the wrong cord with Second Amendment supporters.

“You can restrict guns as much as you want, but you only end up stopping law abiding citizens from owning guns,” wrote one commenter on YouTube.

You can watch the video below:

Image screenshot of video by Js Houle on YouTube

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19 thoughts on “Canadian Composer Mocks American Gun Culture in Satirical Video

  1. That is a HORRID presentation by, ‘people’??, so ignorant of gun ownership they should hide rather than exhibit their condition on public media. Our much more sensible neighbors to the south might not retaliate but if they do, HIDE, any cesspool would be appropriate.

  2. There’s nothing funny about people acting stupid! If you don’t like AMERICA THEN STAY OUT! If these people had even a minimal amount of intelligence then they would realize that guns are no different than any other tool. People kill people. If someone wants to kill, they will find a way. How much violence do you think there will be when honest law abiding people have no way to defend their families? The flock is always safer when the wolves can’t tell the difference between the Lions and the sheep! If a criminal knows a person has no way to defend themselves they can do whatever they want. If you take guns from the honest law abiding people then the only ones with guns will be the criminals. Are you so unintelligent that you believe if guns are outlawed then the criminals will give up their guns? How will you protect your family if a man breaks into your home intending to do harm to them? I’m thankful for law enforcement but they can’t be everywhere all the time.

  3. Come on guys, lighten up! We know this is how anti-gunners see us. Watch this video again…there are several uplifting scenes in it. Robert Heinlein stated that “an armed society is a polite society.” Did you notice how happy everyone seemed? No fear of criminal behavior. White kids and black kids playing together, OUTSIDE, with nary a smartphone or tablet in sight. A young woman responding to a potential rape situation by some geek that approached her from behind and covered her eyes. (Really, who does that anymore?) The fact that she didn’t empty the magazine into him displayed her control of the weapon and respect for the Four Fumdamental Rules. The one scene that bothered me was the guy in the shower with the long gun. Does he not realize what damage the water is going to do? He’ll be cleaning and oiling that piece forever!

    Seriously, it’s just a poor example of parody…no need to get your panties in a bunch. Although I thought the chick singing the song was pretty hot.

    1. This is the best response by far!! I’m a gun nut, and I refer to liberals in all kinds of less than polite ways, therefore, I surely CANNOT be offended by this video. I live in the United States of America, not the United States of Butt Hurt. 🙂 This video is stupid, and that’s it. Don’t waste your anger on it, laugh at its ridiculousness!

  4. What this video did not show were the crack and meth dealers and illegal pot growers that live in my rural California County. Canada lacks our diversity (one black person in the entire video!?) and the problems that go with that diversity of cultures, economic status, and immigration issues that we face. It must be heaven there which probably explains the huge number of Canadians living and working in the US. The freedom we enjoy as Americans can only exist if you have the freedom to choose wisely or not. All of the freedoms guaranteed under the Bill of Rights are abused; religious fanatics, hate speech, yellow journalism are all part of what we put up with to be free. We struggle to find that fine line between our rights and our laws. Gun ownership has kept our nation free and has liberated other Nations as well. Our citizen-soldiers have kept us from being a second rate country. Nothing personal, Canada.

  5. I REFUSE TO WATCH THE VIDEO OR MAKE A COMMEMT ON YOUTUBE. GOOD OR BAD, IT ONLY HELPS THE PERSON THAT POSTED THE VIDEO. Since when do I care about what anti-gun Canadians think about my 2nd Amendment rights? They just envy us because they never had the same right to gun ownership as we do. There are plenty of good pro-gun Canadians out there too and to them I say, I feel sorry for you with your anti-gun government. The USA’s anti gun government is not too far behind.

  6. I thought the video was stupid and I find no need to degrade the makers over it. I will say at lease a small island across “The Pond” doesn’t tell us what to do, we don’t talk like faggots, and have a old hag queen that forces us to give up 75% of our income. Just saying… “God Bless the Greatest Nation on Earth…The United Stated of America”

  7. How many people risk their lives to illegally immigrate to Canada ? How many illegal immigrants use Canada as a way station to get to the “awful ” U.S.A. ? Who gives a tinker’s dam about a silly p.o.s. video?

  8. Apologies from a gun owning Quebecker: please be patient with my fellow countrymen (and women). This video is not ill intentioned. It is just one result of our special history. After the british conquest, we’ve been ruled by an elite making sure that Canadians (especially the ones of french descent) would not pose a threat to them or play in their nice little turf. Attitude towards gun ownership was just one aspect of this period. They also discouraged those Canadians from studying science or engineering. They were instrumental in convincing Canadians that they were born for a “small loaf of bread”. In the sixties, the catholic priests realized the wind was changing and they converted to sociologists, historians, and other social science “experts”. If you want a strong image of what I am writing here, think about Saruman in the Lord of the Rings. John (Jean) Garand would never have come up with the M1 rifle if his parents did not emigrate to the US. Things have changed a lot since then (the sixties were globally a good time for us) but Anti-gun/anti-military mind conditioning bloomed in the past 40 years, and culminated with the horrible Polytechnique massacre, followed by the Dawson college shootout. Both in Montreal. Result: Montrealers and lots of Quebeckers just can’t think straight when it comes to gun control, and they are just freaked out at the idea that their neighbors could own one. This is quite a challenge.

  9. I am 2nd generation U.S. with 100% French Canadian ancestry. I am also a responsible, law-abiding gun owner. I could handle the silly, anti-gun satire until I saw the mock shootings between children on the playground and then the singer being ‘shot’ in the back at the end. This is disgraceful and thoroughly irresponsible ‘videography’. Just as the hypocritical Hollywood liberal elite will talk anti-gun drivel and then give us movies filled with senseless gun violence, this video could inspire some mind-numbed individual to act this out…on either side of the border. We can only hope and pray it does not.
    I have participated in safe and responsible shooting sports with hundreds of Canadians and Americans and know many more who are not shooters, none of whom would approve of this piece of crap that tries to pass itself off as ‘art’. I was especially disappointed and ashamed to see that it was produced by French Canadians. Shame on you Jean-Sébastien Houle and Virginie Fortin!

  10. I wonder how many millions of American dollars have gone into Canada to buy hunting licenses and hire hunting guides? I know that I paid some hefty fees to do that several years ago. But you can rest assured that it won’t happen again.

    As far as the video goes, it was probably one of the dumbest anti gun blurb that I’ve ever wasted my time watching. Eh?

  11. I take offense to this video. It is just another attack on the civil rights of the citizens of the United States. In the Bill of Rights, the First Amendment gives us the right to bear arms and protect our lives and our property. Little by little, the powers-that-be are chipping away at our rights. It gives us the right to freedom of speech which is also being taken away from us. We are free to speak our mind as long as it is “Politically Correct” and doesn’t offend anyone and doesn’t hint of dissatisfaction with the government. And freedom of religion is a joke, you have it as long as it is within the confines of the beliefs of the majority.

    I am offended by this video because it is just another unthinking, ignorant attack on something the producers know nothing about, not because they are Canadians but because of their narrow minded, one-sided attitudes. They may think we have no right to bear arms but it is a fundamental civil right in the U.S. THINK…how would you feel if your government were steadily chipping away at your civil rights? You would probably be up-in-arms. Oh, excuse me, that’s just a euphemism for “really angry”, you probably have no right to bear arms. You’d be up-in-, what, matchsticks, batons, rolls of plastic wrap?

    You have a right to your opinion, but really, you shouldn’t take our civil liberties lightly, unless that is the way you view yours as well. Some day we may make a video about you.

    And the singer needs a nose job. My politically incorrect but freely spoken opinion.

  12. Remember, this was made in Quebec and most people in Quebec do not consider themselves Canadians . We western Canadians like our firearms.

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