Karen Dolley is not one to bring a knife to a gun fight, but when an intruder broke into her home last Thursday night, she decided to take out a sword instead.

According to Fox News, Dolley discovered the man inside the living room of her Indianapolis home, and fearing for her safety, immediately started pummeling him with punches.

“Get out, get out, get out!” she recalled screaming at the man, who ran into her bedroom.

The woman tried reaching for her handgun, but failed to find it in the chaos. Instead, she retrieved a Japanese-style sword called a ninjato—a shorter, straighter version of the more famous katana—and held the intruder at sword-point while she called the police.

“I’m really, really glad I didn’t have to do anything more,” Dolley told the Indianapolis Star. “I know I could do it, but I don’t want to do that.”

Police arrived within minutes of the call and arrested 30-year-old Jacob Wessel, who was allegedly intoxicated at the time of the incident. Officials later said that Wessel forced his way into the house through the rear door and was likely trying to hide from somebody. The man was charged with residential entry, a felony.

“He was so out of it,” Dolley told WXIN, explaining that Wessel did little to fight back and even apologized on the way out.

You can see an interview with Dolley below:

Image screenshot of video on foxnews.com

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2 thoughts on “Indiana Woman Reaches for Gun in Home Invasion, Finds Sword

  1. Some people might consider it a foolish waste of time to learn to fight with a sword. But if you think about it, it could come in handy sometime. For example, if you are being confronted by one, two, or even three assailants who simply want to beat you up or who are not armed with guns, if you can get your hands on a simple broom or mop handle you will have them cold.

  2. Why on earth would you confront an invader first, and call 911 later? She was very lucky. She should have called 911, stayed away, and protected herself. The best fight is always one that you are not in.

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