82-year-old Utah Woman Bags First Bull Elk


It is never to late to start hunting.

82-year-old Margaret Lunt demonstrated this fact when she harvested her first bull elk deep in the Utah wilderness near Morgan last week. Lunt only started accompanying her son and husband on their hunts at the age of 55, but has already built up a reputation for being and avid and accomplished hunter. Bagging a bull elk had long been a goal for the elderly hunter.

Over the years Lunt hunted for mule deer and cow elk, but never had a chance with bull elk until she a drew a tag for the 2015 season.

“I was quite pleased that I can do that at my age,” she told KSL.com. “It was unbelievable to see [the elk] there and think, ‘Oh, I did it. I got him.’ And I really don’t enjoy killing the animals. We hunt for the meat. We’ll have meat for a couple of years.”

Watch a video of Lunt retrieving the elk below:

Lunt was accompanied by her son and a guide. Her husband, who is 86, was unable to accompany them due to the strenuous seven-mile hike they needed to make to locate elk. The hunting party heard an abundance of bugling on the first day of the hunt, but were too far away to make any shots.

“We hunted until dark, oh, we saw so many elk and heard the bugling but nothing was close enough to shoot at so, we just enjoyed that part of the hunt,” the hunter told ABC 4 News.

The next day Lunt managed to run into a large 800-pound bull and sneaked in close for the shot. Despite her advanced age, Lunt had excellent aim and was able to down the animal without too much trouble.

“I was really excited, I couldn’t believe it, I just could not,” she said.

More than just for the meat, Lunt says she enjoys hunting for the bonding experiences and the opportunity to enjoy the Utah wilderness.

You can watch an interview with the hunter below:

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