Kriss USA was on-hand at Big 3 East last week with new 9x19mm versions of their signature Vector pistols and carbines. They also brought out a select-fire submachine gun version of the 9x19mm Vector, which was incredibly fun to shoot.

Previously, Kriss only offered Vectors in .45 ACP. Offering models in 9x19mm means shooting one will be a bit more affordable. If you’re lucky enough to be able to “own” a select-fire version of the Vector, the 9x19mm variant is even more controllable in full auto than its .45 ACP predecessor.

The 9x19mm Kriss Vector SDP.
The 9x19mm Kriss Vector SDP.

The 9x19mm Vector pistol (known as the SDP) will retail for $1,795. All of the models feed from Glock 17-pattern magazines, including the 33-round extended mags. A factory SBR model (known as the SBR, interestingly enough) will also be available, and both the SDP and SBR will feature threaded barrels. All models have 5.5-inch-long barrels. The carbine model (the CRB) will feature a permanently-attached barrel shroud so that it is legally considered a rifle. A square shroud that visually resembles an eccentric suppressor and slides over the CRB’s shroud is available for $129.95, which gives the gun an even more futuristic look.

Models supplied with stocks feature an AR-style collapsible “Defiance” stock, which offered very solid cheekwelds with optics.

Kevin from SGM Tactical shoots the 9x19mm Kriss Vector submachine gun.
Kevin from SGM Tactical shoots the 9x19mm Kriss Vector submachine gun.

Aside from the caliber difference, all 9x19mm Vectors will feature the same “Gen II” improvements that newer .45 ACP Vectors have. These include a refined trigger, a 45-degree safety (previous models had a longer, 120-degree throw), and what Kriss touts as a more comfortable pistol grip. Gen II models also lack the over-barrel slot for the purpose-designed Surefire light, as they are no longer made. All models feature full-length Picatinny top rails, a shorter rail ahead of the magazine well on the underside of the gun, and Magpul MBUS front and rear sights.

The VSO Gun Channel put together a fun video showing off the 9x19mm Vectors, which can be seen below:

Images by Matt Korovesis

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