Some people have a fear of snakes and some people have a fear of water. These videos are probably going to reinforce both of those fears.

The uploader of this video was kayaking in Falls Lake, North Carolina when he spotted a commotion on the river bank. That commotion was actually a water snake attempting to devour a decently sized catfish. While this might not be a rare occurrence, it is certainly uncommon to catch it on camera.

Here’s the initial struggle between the catfish and the snake. You can watch the snake pull the catfish out of the water where the snake has the decided advantage.

Image from Jason Dickerson on YouTube

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One thought on “Video: Water Snake Drags Catfish from North Carolina Lake

  1. Whatever the explanation the snake did not kill itself. It seems to be having a lot of trouble gaining traction on the road and may have been already injured by a car which I strongly suspect is the case, and that the photographer knew it. The caption is idiotic.

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