Video: Bull Shark Learns Not to Mess with Hippos


Bull sharks are one of a handful of shark species that can tolerate freshwater, and the shark uses this advantage to raid coastal rivers and even occasionally lakes. While this tactic does give them access to prey that other sharks can’t reach, it also brings them into the domain of other powerful animals. In this case, a lone bull shark ran afoul of a herd of hippos.

Used to dealing with temperamental crocodiles, these hippos are not fazed in the least. In fact, when the bull shark rushes one of the outliers, the herd decided it was time for a show of force. The shark may be an apex predator in the ocean, but it quickly learns why even crocodiles treat these massive animals with respect.

The footage below was captured by tour guide¬†Stacey Farrell in South Africa’s Simangaliso Wetland Park.

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