Video: Watch This “Walking” Boat Crawl Across a Beach


We may not have flying cars in 2015, but it seems we do have walking boats. Watch this boat—or landing craft, as its manufacturer calls it—dig in with two hydraulically-articulating spikes and literally drag itself across a beach. So much for getting wet ever again.

If you’re interested, the boat in this video is the Crawling Lander Craft from Hard Drive Marine. The 31-foot vessel is equipped with a Honda Marine 225 HP and is made especially to transport small vehicles, such as ATVs. Its most unique feature is of course the front ramp with the hydraulic spikes. It can be operated remotely and is designed for tide adjustments.

Gauging from the video’s time lapse, it works very slowly, so you may as well enjoy a drink on the shore while you wait for your boat to beach itself.

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Posted by Boat Krazy on Monday, September 28, 2015

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