Video: Illegal Immigrants Unexpectedly Meet Polar Bear


A polar bear on its way to a British wildlife park made for an unlikely UK border guard.

The 22-month old polar bear named Nissan gave quite the fright to four men attempting to illegally enter the United Kingdom. The bear was in the back of a truck on its way to Yorkshire Wildlife Park from Calais, France. The truck made a brief stop and four men opened the door of the truck. After some hesitation, they jumped in the back of the truck with the bear.

However, the bear’s caretakers were following behind the truck and they filmed the entire incident. The bear’s caretakers also called the police who apprehended the suspects a short while later.

While this video might be entertaining you might want to think what sort of terrible situation in your home country would convince you to sneak across a border in the same truck as a polar bear.

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