Indiana Waterfowler Shot by Hunting Dog Named “Trigger”


Dogs are man’s best friend, until you leave them near a loaded shotgun with the safety off. Then they are just dangerous. Wildlife wardens in Indiana have reported yet another dog-related hunting accident after a waterfowler’s dog inadvertently shot her in the foot full of bird shot.

“Allie Carter (25, Avilla, IN) was getting up to reposition during a waterfowl hunt at Tri-County Fish and Wildlife Area. She laid her 12 gauge shotgun on the ground at her feet. As she was getting up, her dog, which is ironically and aptly named Trigger, stepped on top of the shotgun depressing the trigger,” Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources stated in a report. “The shotgun went off and Allie was shot in the foot at point blank range. Allie suffered injuries to her left foot and toes. The safety of the firearm was not on. Allie had never completed a hunter education course. She was transported to Kosciusko Community Hospital and later transferred to Parkview Hospital in Fort Wayne.”

The accident happened last Saturday. Strangely enough, hunters being shot by their own dogs is not an incredibly rare event. In recent years, dogs have shot their owners with anything from shotguns, to .300 Win Mag rifles, to even 9mm pistols. In 2011, a Utah duck hunter was injured when a dog jumped in his boat and landed on his shotgun, sending pellets straight into his buttocks. The exact same scenario—but with different individuals—happened again two years later in Minnesota. In 2011, a bulldog even reportedly deactivated the safety on a .308 rifle and shot a deer hunter inside of a car.

Officials say the bottom line is to make sure your firearm is safe and secured when around a dog.

“The public should be mindful that accidents like this happen when you toe the line with safety. Always point the muzzle of a firearm in a safe direction and use the safety mechanism,” Indiana wildlife wardens said.

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