Modern suppressors, or silencers, or reliable devices that you wouldn’t expect to fall apart after firing a few rounds through it. After all, getting one means paying $200 out of pocket for a tax stamp and waiting a considerable amount of time before you can actually get your hands on one, so manufactures are keen to focus on quality.

That said, what will happen if you subject one to a destructive test? Such as firing full auto 5.56 out of a suppressor only rated for full auto .22 LR? Will the suppressor catch on fire? Explode? Or shred apart like tissue paper? Take a look at what happens below.


Image screenshot of video by cheekflapperer on YouTube

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6 thoughts on “Video: Watch a Suppressor Shred Apart in Destructive Test

  1. When you consider this unit was rated for a .22 LR I believe the results of the test were extraordinary. It took 76 rounds, at full auto, of 5.56 before the unit completely failed. I would say that’s one damn good suppressor. Any information on the name of the manufacturer?

    1. It offers you the ability to hunt without hearing protection to increase situational awareness. Recoil reduction(up to 30%) for faster follow-up shots. You won’t scare the game into the next county. No hearing loss.

  2. Looks like from what the video says it’s a Minuteman 22lr from Freedom Armory (at least it looks like it after google images searching)

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