Country Singer Kevin Fowler Shares Picture of a Rattlesnake Bite


Kevin Fowler, a country music artist from Texas, posted a picture of a rattlesnake that he found in his shed recently. Along with that picture he also posted the gruesome aftermath of a rattlesnake bite his friend received.

He posted this image below which is the actual snake that prompted the post. This was not the same snake which bit his friend earlier in the year.

Here’s what he had to say on Facebook

Ran into this little fellow in my shed this week. Third one this month. All of you people who cry about folks killing rattlesnakes have probably never seen what it looks like when you get bit by one. The other two pics are of my buddy Tommy’s hand after getting bit last year. He’s still going through surgeries and rehab. All of you rattlesnake sympathizers will change your tune when your kid gets bit playing in your backyard.

He also posted these shocking images of the aftermath of snake bite his friend received last year.



While rattle snakes do pose a risk to people they do not need to be eliminated as the Mr. Fowler described. Precautions should always be taken to avoid snake bites especially if you live in an area with a high concentration of venomous snakes. Here are a number of step you can take to protect yourself from snakes as well as first aid advice in case the unthinkable happens.

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