Video: How Many Bears Can Fit into This SUV?


Ever had a family of bears pile into your new SUV like it’s some sort of bear clown car? Well this man did.

Footage from this security camera shows a black bear sow and her three cubs showing up at the cabin, ostensibly looking for food. One of the cubs opens the door to the SUV and before you know it, two of the animals packed themselves into the vehicle with a third lingering at the door. Mom was more cautious and went around the other way—just as the man leaves the house to confront them.

Be careful though, just because black bears are smaller than their brown cousins does not make them safe by any means. Get too close to their cubs and they will attack you. Towards the end of the video, this black bear made a half-hearted charge once the man’s back is turned. Judging by the speed at which he ran up the stares, she probably let out a nasty snarl too.

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Posted by Catskill Outdoors on Wednesday, February 18, 2015

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