Video: How Would You Handle an Intruder on Your Food Plot?


It’s not something that many hunters expect or plan for, but catching an intruder while hunting can be a complicated situation. Brodie Swisher—of Sportsmen Church and Thru the Season—was kicking back in his ground blind recently when he encountered this man on his property. What followed was a tense conversation as both men probed each other for information.

“I immediately knew this wasn’t just any trespasser,” Swisher wrote on “The afternoon was warm. It was t-shirt weather. Yet this dude had a black hoodie on with his hood up and pulled forward to conceal his face. A cig hung from his mouth as he nervously glanced from side to side making his way across the food plot.”

Alone with this strange man, Swisher knew that things could get very dangerous, very fast. In fact he recognized the man. Swisher claims that the same individual had been to his house before as an assistant for his plumber. Shortly afterwards some tools and a 4-wheeler went missing.

It was likely that hidden by the ground blind, the other man didn’t recognize the hunter as the owner of the house, even after he identified himself as the property owner. After the man left, Swisher sent the video of the encounter to the local sheriff.

“A quick dig on the guy showed that there were 3 warrants out against him,” he wrote. “Theft of property seemed to be his game. Within 24 hours he was in jail for previous crimes he had committed.”

A fortunate turn of events for Swisher, but did he do the right thing in confronting the alleged thief like this? What if there was more than one intruder and they were armed? What would you do?

You can watch the video below:

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