Video: California Police Department Swap Batons for Nunchucks


The police department of Anderson, California recently announced that it will begin replacing the traditional baton with nunchacku, an Okinawan martial arts weapon also known as nunchucks. According to KRCR, police say that the decision was made after the department began looking for a versatile weapon that allowed officers to control and subdue suspects rather than striking them. Unlike the relatively straightforward baton, nunchacku are traditionally two sticks connected by a length of chain or rope, giving it much greater complexity and versatility in use. Nunchacku are historically popular training weapons but have never gained much traction for personal defense outside of Japan. The Anderson Police Department intends to change that.

“They work really good as an impact weapon, but we try to emphasis a control tool over impact,” said Sgt Casey Day.

With nunchacku, officers can use it to lock and detain suspects by wrapping the weapon around arms and legs. The specific weapons the department will be using are made out of heavy plastic and attached by lengths of nylon rope. Nunchacku are illegal to carry or use for private owners in California.

You can see a demonstration by Day below:

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