A bowhunter from Ohio may have bagged the second largest non-typical whitetail buck since the Pope and Young Club started keeping records. The massive deer was harvested by Dan Coffman of The Break TV near Junction City last month. Additional details have yet to surface, but it is rumored that the buck scores just over 300 inches gross and approximately 286 inches net. If those measurements are accurate, then Coffman’s buck could have a shot at becoming number 2 on Pope and Young’s top 10 list for all time non-typical deer harvested by a bow and arrow. Pope and Young’s current world record non-typical is a buck harvested by Michael Beatty in Greene County, Ohio in 2000. That deer measured 294 inches net.

“Congratulations to The Break Team Hunter, Dan Coffman, on his world class whitetail!!! Yes, it is 100% free range,” wrote The Break TV on Facebook.

A few images of the buck have been released online and the startling size of the deer’s rack have drawn skepticism over the deer’s origins. Currently, the hunter and his supporters claim that the deer is a free range wild deer, harvested legally, and a picture uploaded by Coffman showing him posing with the deer alongside wildlife officer Tony Zerkle seems to have silenced any doubts.

Congratulations to The Break Team Hunter, Dan Coffman, on his world class whitetail!!! Yes, it is 100% free range. More pics to come so stay tuned!!! #BBD #bowhunting #deerhunting

Posted by The Break TV on Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Understandably, hunters are wary when someone on the internet claims they bagged a record deer, especially with the number of recent hoaxes. In September, a hunter in South Carolina caused an uproar after he allegedly attached shed antlers to recently harvested buck and tried to pass it off as a state record. The deer was quickly investigated by state officials and found to be a fake. To make matters worse, officials discovered that the deer was also illegally taken, and the hunter now faces a number of charges that could lead to expensive fines and other penalties.

A legitimate trophy deer on the other hand, is cause for celebration.

“Congratulations to Ohio hunter Dan Coffman on successfully harvesting this world class whitetail!” wrote Your Wild Ohio – Hunter on Facebook. “Wildlife Officer Tony Zerkle was impressed with Coffman’s preparation even before season. When Coffman realized he may have an opportunity to harvest the deer, he contacted Zerkle in the months leading up to the season. He advised him of the potential harvest and most importantly he contacted the neighboring landowners and built trust so he may be able to retrieve the deer if needed. That preparation paid off when he got permission to retrieve the deer from a neighboring property. Congrats again, Dan!”

OutdoorHub will keep you updated on this story as more details emerge.

Images from Facebook

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3 thoughts on “Is This Rumored 300-inch Ohio Buck the Next Pope and Young No. 2?

  1. Looks like this was well planned in advance, did he have to pay a fee to get access to this deer. It seems like more of a culling than wild hunting.

  2. Nice looking WT. I hope this is an actual born in the wild, wild deer. I am a bit suspicious as the article and Facebook page is so quick to say it is 100% free range. Actually many people are naive about what the term Free Range means anymore. I know for fact that there are ranch deer that are let loose in areas where property owners own huge tracts of land.. Several in the state of Ohio, Pa and Mo. The owners have an agreement that these once ranch deer are not killed, except by the”right” person. I have literally held thousands of antlers in my hand and huge racks as my wife owns an antler art business. This deer has all the character of a ranch or penned deer. I wish when it comes to record book deer, that DNA tests back these deer up.

  3. A truly fantastic deer. I am proud for him. It is truly a shame that the fakers have spoiled moments such as his for many others. I remember a few year ago that “Mailman Malone” had a trophy deerfa with high fences at near-by Sterlington,La. For what ever reason, the fence was breached and several of the biggest deer escaped. A couple of lucky hunters harvested two of these bucks. The question arose about whether they were wild ranging deer or not. Non the less, the hunters were proud of their trophies, as well they should have been.

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