Despite how the title sounds, this was no accident. It was instead a stunt by champion skydiver and instructor Brianne Thompson, who decided to heat up this dive by shooting—and burning—her parachute with a flare gun. Even for an experienced athlete, this is one stunt where a multitude of things could go very, very wrong.

As an instructor for AXIS Flight School in Arizona and a lifelong skydiver, Thompson has made over 4,000 jumps in her career, but this may be the first one where her canopy catches on fire. It should be noted that flare guns can be very dangerous. While not being designed as weapons, they are capable of causing grievous injuries or even death, so they should always be handled very carefully at all times. Not a lot of guns put the “fire” in “firearms” quite like a flare gun.

We’re also not sure if we approve of the US flag-colored parachute being the one burned, but we’re just going to assume that it wasn’t some sort of political statement.


Image screenshot of video by AXIS FlightSchoolTV on YouTube

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