Last week OutdoorHub reported on a 16-year-old girl in Crook County, Oregon who contracted bubonic plague while hunting near Heppner on October 16. The teen is currently recovering in a hospital in Bend, but that does not mean she’s out of the limelight just yet. According to reports, the animal rights advocacy organization PETA has sent her a care package consisting of various vegan food, and a letter asking her to vow “never to attempt to harm and kill another living being again.” PETA has a reputation for controversial stunts—such as calling for the hanging of Walter Palmer, a Minnesota dentist that killed an African lion earlier this year—and often contacts hunters after injuries or accidents. Needless to say, many sportsmen and women consider these stunts extremely insensitive.

“We hope some good will come out of your ordeal and that you’ll decide to choose to enjoy nature in nonviolent ways,” wrote PETA president Ingrid. E. Newkirk in her letter to the sick teen, which was obtained by the Statesman Journal.

“This terrifying ordeal may have a lifelong impact on how you see the world,” she added. “As you’re striving to overcome this disease, we wonder if you might also consider permanently laying down your weapons and vowing never to attempt to harm and kill another living being again.”

Newkirk previously described hunters in terms such as “cruel” and “murderous,” and have launched numerous campaigns to harass and ridicule sportsmen in the past. Critics of her organization say these letters are especially worrisome because they target individuals. Just last week, Newkirk posted another open letter on her blog to a woman who accidentally sustained shotgun wounds during a pheasant hunt, telling her that she was fortunate that her “wounds weren’t more severe.” The letter also asks her to take a vow never to hunt again as well.

“While this hunter will recover from her injuries, the lives of countless other living beings who are capable of feeling every bit as much pain as she is, are in her hands, and we hope they will no longer be in her sights,” Newkirk wrote on her blog.

Perhaps PETA’s most notorious response to an injured hunter was when a man in Utah was accidentally gored by an elk in 2013. Shortly after the incident, PETA created a billboard with the image of an elk with bloody antlers and the text “Payback is hell. Leave animals alone.” The organization even attempted to place the billboard just miles away from where the hunter lived. PETA regularly labels news regarding hunting injuries as “payback.”

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Image from Torrey Wiley on the flickr Creative Commons

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31 thoughts on “PETA Sends Vegan Food to Teenage Hunter Stricken with Plague, Asks Her to Stop Hunting

  1. I see nothing wrong with what PETA is doing with these letters. They don’t seem at all offensive. I also think it’s nice that they sent a care package. Don’t like it? Ignore it!

    1. Really?! I cannot stand PETA. They are a bunch of hypocrites and radicals. I would even go so far as to call them domestic terrorists, although they have never actually killed anyone that we know of. Domestic harassers might be a better term. Either way, that Ingrid woman is certifiable, and is in desperate need of a psyche eval…and she needs to get laid to, because she spends way too much time coming up with ludicrous ways to waste money bothering people that haven’t broken any laws.
      Jason Moore…I agree…don’t like it? Ignore it! PETA should ignore it and mind their own damn business. (which includes killing thousands of animals yearly because they are “traumatized”)

    2. Jason Moore, you don’t think it’s rude to purposefully target an injured individual and use their misfortune to obnoxiously push your crap on someone else? Please stop using the internet, you’re wasting space here.

    3. Interesting. You see nothing wrong with PETA’s letters. So you see nothing wrong with them calling for the death of Walter Palmer. That’s the trouble with these activists. They hate violence against animals but violence against humans is OK. These people have something basically wrong with the way they see ethics and morality.

  2. As inflammatory as this article attempts to make it sound, I think PETA reached out in a very positive, kind way to ask this hunter to consider the suffering of other living beings as well and choose not to hunt.

    1. I am sorry that she’s in the hospital but if you look at the fact we are taking up more land in deer and elk in every other animals territory in an order to keep the populations down and keeping animals wild instead of you guys PETA we have to manage hurts and yes it sounds horrible two guys but 99.9 percent of the people take that deer or elk in uses to hide and meat you guys just gotta remember that hunters aren’t there to hurt anybody or hurt your feelings it’s a thing we’ve done since the beginning of time we’re just keeping it alive we still have respect for the animal that we take and we thank God every time that were lucky enough to get one

    2. We should stalk him the same way PETA stalks these unfortunate people that sustained injury. We don’t know him, and PETA doesn’t know these people. Care packages is a lie. Insidious. You can’t stalk people dude.

  3. A sixteen year old girl contracted the Medieval Bubonic Plague while hunting. ..maybe it is time for her to explore other options. I don’t think what PETA is doing is offensive at all. A vegan or vegetarian diet supports human health aside from animal welfare.

  4. I hope this young teen gets well soon and tells peta to take their letter and their care package and stick it where the sun don’t shine. How dare those hypocrites past judgement on anyone while they are deliberately killing 99% of animals brought to their shelter without ever trying to find homes for them, all the while putting ads on TV begging for money to “help” animals. They lie and deceive and more people need to do research on them and try to get them put out of business.

  5. Peta is just a bunch of people who can’t hunt or provide for themselves so they don’t want anyone else to do it either.

  6. They can say what they want . hell let them , they just make themselves look that much more obserd. I’d send them a thank u card and a bag of deer jerky with a letter telling them I’ll think of them every time I shoot a deer. And yea jason should maby take paul up on that offer lol

  7. GOD told us what we can eat. I could care less what PETA thinks, they are nuttier than a squirrel turd. I encourage the young lady to continue hunting, as one day it may be the only way she can feed her family. Praying for her quick recovery.

    1. GOD did not tell me anything. Maybe I was on the toilet when he spoke to all ya about diet? Damn! I got myself stocked with crackers and other supplies while I wait for the apocalypse. Maybe you or the girl can teach mo to hunt, cuz I getting tired of crackers real quick. Thank ya all.

      1. He did tell you, but you are like a ranting child, you just can’t hear anything in that state of mind. It is in the book of Genesis, God instructs that your food will be what you work for. That the animals of the earth will be your food. It’s all in there if you ever wanted to find out. You are also rude. Egotistical. Narcissistic. I only say this because you opened the door by insulting. However I’m not being insulting, im just stating the obvious.

  8. There are a few things I still have in common with the
    Brits. Namely the language and a message for PETA
    “Bugger off”. But on the bright side cows do appreciate you.

  9. People should mind there own business. If they do not hunt that is there choice but leave the ones that hunt by choice or by necessity alone. I believe everyone is entitled to their choices but I do not believe they should push their beliefs and choices on others. There is nothing wrong or bad about hunting if that is your choice. In fact for some folks it is a way to have food they could otherwise not afford. Institutions like PETA and green peace and other organizations are staffed by people that have nothing better in life to do but stick their noses into others folks business. This would be a much better world if everyone would stick to worrying about things that affect them personally and leave things that they know nothing about or that do not personally affect them alone.

  10. Paul, you are a disgusting sexist. As far as the care package, despite how inflammatory people are trying to make it seem, I think PETA reached out in a positive, kind way to ask this hunter to consider the other living beings who also don’t want to suffer and who value their own lives.

  11. Vegan food is good, as long as you use a lot of Meat Sause… and a side of bbq ribs. Just People Eating Tasty Animals. Yum!

  12. She should send the package back and ask, “Where’s the beef?” Paul, I like your comment! Hunting isn’t about killing an animal. It is about living, reflection, nature, family, and relaxation. The decision to shoot is a decision at a specific moment in time. Hunting is an experience about life.

  13. Did anyone stop and think where the flea came from that gave her the plague. If we don’t control animal populations it will be like when the city’s where filled with rats and the plague and other diseases ran rampant. If you hunt don’t hunt if you don’t like meat don’t eat it. Quit trying to bestow your ignorant beliefs on others. PETA’s actions are more evil than hunting for they would choose to take a human life over an animal. So explain to me how all life is precious to them?

  14. What people don’t seem to understand is that hunting came from God. He placed animals on earth for enjoyment and nourishment. It’s a good thing to hunt what little bit we do. It’s keeping numbers of herd down to illiminate disease. It feeds families for a year with out having to buy grocery store, over chemical shot meat. Non hormone food. It’s healthy cuts of meat. Less fat. Is humane. I will continue to hunt the rest of my days and have a healthy, well fed, god loving family with respect to guns to show for it. God bless you all.

  15. Get a restraining order against Peta if they go as far to get your home address or which hospital your in to send you crap just think what they could and probably will do if you don’t want anything to do with them. Any organization that wants to kill another human for hunting “which is legal by the way” is capable of almost anything. What they have done to this girl is the start of harassment.

  16. P.E.T.O.P. ,People for the Ethical Treatment of Plants , oppose the eating of plant life by non-herbivores . We feel that the forcing carnivores to eat large amounts of plant matter causes the generation of methane gas .We all know methane causes GLOBAL WARMING ; additionally this source of methane contains malodorous components . If P.E.T.A. is allowed unfettered access to the human race , all that will be left is a STINKING HOT PLANET with no intelligent inhabitants . The dinosaurs proved that really is not viable.

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