Ouch. That looks really painful.

Deer are pretty graceful, but even their legs shouldn’t be able to wrap around their own antlers like some kind of fashionable scarf. This high octane fight between two males—and one that tried to butt in—ended up in a contortionist act for one of the deer. Apparently the two animals went at each other so aggressively, one of the bucks ended up catching his hoof on his own antlers. Luckily, its rival decided to give it some space to untangle itself and after what appears to be a painful detachment, the buck was able to walk normally again.

“He’s going to be sore a little later,” said one of the cameramen.

We don’t doubt it.

This is one brutal fight and to top it off the buck got his hoof stuck in his own antlers lol

Posted by Antler Addicts on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Image from Larry Smith on the flickr Creative Commons

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