So, ever wonder how many 7.62x39mm bullets it will take to cut a standard telephone pole in half? You probably never wondered that before, but if you’re asking all the right questions like Demolition Ranch, then the only way to find out is with the scientific process. Using a Patriot Ordnance Factory AR-15 chambered in 7.62×39, Matt tests to see if he can put the pole in its place.

We’ll admit, we thought this was going to be a tannerite prank at first, but sure enough, Matt tries his darnedest to legitimately cut the pole in half with nothing more than what comes out of the end of his rifle. After watching the video, we’d suggest against doing this unless you have so much surplus ammo you wouldn’t mind blowing through a bunch.

Also, the YouTube comments section contained the following gem that was just too great not to share.

This seems staged. I’ve been hunting telephone poles in the wild for a solid 12 years, they never lay down like this, clearly this was either restrained or already dead. Usually they fly off into the sky when threatened.

See how long it takes below:

Image screenshot of video by DemolitionRanch on YouTube

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One thought on “Video: How Many Bullets to Cut a Telephone Pole in Half?

  1. Great, just what we need to know. Take it from me, a person who helps clean up public ranges, encouraging range slobs to shoot the posts used to hold up targets, is NOT the right thing to do!

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