This is the funniest thing we’ve seen all day. Spearfishermen in goliath grouper territory should be advised that if you shoot a fish within their range, they will chase after it. Sure, it may seem like stealing to you, but in their minds, you’re coming to their homes and taking their fish.

Groupers aren’t okay with that at all.

Have you ever seen someone throw a tantrum underwater? Well, that’s what happens when you lose fish after fish to an opportunistic grouper. Keep in mind that these large fish are more than strong enough to drag you along, and may give you a painful nip too.

“What is a grouper supposed to do, anyway, when a fish is injured in the neighborhood?” says oceanographer and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Sylvia Earle. “Dinnertime!”

At least this spearfisherman got to keep most of his catches, even if they got chewed up a little.

The video was taken near a shipwreck in the Gulf of Mexico.

Image screenshot of video by National Geographic on YouTube

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One thought on “Video: Spearfisherman Throws Tantrum as Grouper Steals All His Fish

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