When it comes to magazines, there’s a lot of legal-sounding terms being thrown around like “high capacity,” “standard capacity,” and the like, but have you ever heard of “maximum capacity?” That last one may be applied to this bizarre magazine.

This strange looking device was designed for the French-built Union pistol. The gun was developed in 1925 and originally chambered for 7.65 French Long, but later switched over to 9mm Luger and 7.63 Mauser. The gun itself is somewhat interesting due to the availability of fully automatic versions and their similarity to the 1911 Colt and Spanish STAR.

What makes the pistol really stand out however, is the unique horseshoe magazine. Capable of holding 35 rounds, this magazine’s strange shape also allows it to be used as a pistol grip—kind of. Loading one however, is a bit of a pain. Ian from Forgotten Weapons gives an in depth summary of the weapon’s history below.


Image screenshot of video by Forgotten Weapons on YouTube

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