Mountain lions are incredibly powerful predators, leading some to think that as soon as they bring down their prey, the fight is already over. That is not always necessarily true.

Bucks during the rut are already pumped full of testosterone and ready to fight. Give them a set of antlers and you have an animal that is not only equipped to deal some damage, it is also pretty strong in its own right. As anybody who have ever witnessed a duel between two bucks can tell you, these are not meek animals. Add in the fact that it’s literally fighting for its life, and you’ll find that plenty of deer actually escape predators even when brought down.

According to this video, three hikers in California’s Ranch San Antonio County Park ran into a mountain lion and this good-sized buck duking it out behind the trees. It’s a rare event that few people will ever see, and even rarer to catch on videotape. The action is a bit hard to make out at times, but we can’t fault the hikers for not wanting to get closer.

Who are you placing your bets on?

Part 1

Part 2

Image screenshot of video by dcmfox on LiveLeak

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