If you’re going to leave a cabin full of goodies in polar bear territory, you’re going to need some strong doors. A film crew working for the BBC series The Hunt were staying in a small cabin on an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean to film polar bears. After one shoot, the crew returned home to find that one of the bears had ransacked nearly everything.

“He ate everything,” field assistant Håvard Festø said, “Steak (nice, marinated steak), sour cream, yogurts, blueberries, the chicken, of course… he ate everything.”

The crew’s entire stock of food was completely devoured—except for some Marmite.

“A bear breaking in is worse than teenagers at a house party,” Assistant Producer Sophie Lanfear said. “The difference between a polar bear and a house party is that he left all the alcohol… but everything else… Marmite! He didn’t eat the Marmite!”

Image screenshot of video by BBC Earth Unplugged on YouTube

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