Officials from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game confirmed that a 10-year-old boy from Eagle bagged the largest black bear taken in the state this year. Sam Sherman was hunting with his older brother Ty, family friend Brian Shanahan, and his father Tad on September 18 when he shot the bear on a ranch in Goodrich. The young hunter was using a bow and arrow.

“That bear filled the bed of the pickup,” said Arnie and Sharon Pederson, the landowners.

Black bears in Goodrich have been causing so small amount of trouble for residents, including damaging fruit trees and breaking into homes. The Pederson family recently met with Idaho Fish and Game, which put them in contact with hunters interested in hunting on their land. Among them was Tad Sherman and his sons.

“I talked to another hunter who told me he’d treed three bears in one morning,” Sherman remarked, noting that others hunters seemed to have similar success in the area.

His son’s bear was the largest by far. According to Fish and Game officials, the bear measured six feet, six inches from nose to tail and weighed about 400 pounds. It is not yet known if the bear could gain record status, although the Shermans are submitting it to the Pope and Young Club for recognition.

“We won’t know for awhile yet,” said Tad Sherman. “The skull has to dry for at least sixty days before taking the official measurement. But the green score was 19-13/16 inches.”

Pope and Young requires bear skulls to measure at least 18 inches before they are eligible for inclusion in the record books. Sam Sherman could also receive the Best of Species award from Idaho State Bowhunters, which recognizes the largest animal of each game species harvested by a hunter every year. His father won the same award in 2014.

“My dad doesn’t think I’m going to get one that big, or bigger, anytime soon,” the hunter told KIVI-TV.

When he was asked what he thought, Sherman said he will get an even bigger bear—eventually.

You can watch an interview with him below:

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