A lot of people wouldn’t have the foggiest idea of what to do if a black bear wandered onto their property, but judging from this woman’s take-charge attitude, we’re willing to bet she’s done this before. When a plump black bear plods through her lawn and up her stairs, this woman wastes no time in giving the bear a good scolding and sends it scurrying off.

“Get down! Right now! Go! No! No! Down!” she yells in the video.

In hindsight, she sounded much more like a stern schoolteacher than someone who is facing one of the largest predators in North America. We’re not sure we would’ve come that close to the bear—especially with the cameraman behind it—but this timid bruin was obviously not interested in staying around to talk it over.

Covering-our-butts note: we are not endorsing this as a surefire method for dealing with a wild bear.

Image screenshot of video by JukinVideo on YouTube

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One thought on “Video: How to Get a Black Bear off Your Property

  1. SuperSoaker squirt gun with ammonia /water mixed about1:1 is very effective on black bears . Sprayed near NOT ON the bear ! It pretty much overloads their olfactory receptors which is a major portion of it’s brain . Major ouch !

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