When it comes to the ethics and efficacy of heart versus double-lung shots, opinions vary depending on who you ask. Some bowhunters are of the opinion that double-lung shots offer vast benefits over the heart, while others say the pumper is the organ to aim for. Bring the subject up in any hunting forum, and you’re bound to get a good-natured debate over shot placement.

That being said, a hunter recently uploaded this video of what appears to be a heart shot on a deer to Facebook. As the video was shared over social media, many hunters soon began criticizing this archer for taking what they thought was a very chancy shot. What do you think? Was this an extreme display of skill and accuracy, or just simple luck? Perhaps more to the point, would you take the same shot?

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Posted by Michael King on Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Image from Facebook

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3 thoughts on “Video: Would You Take This Heart Shot on a Buck?

  1. Good shot. A little low but still right in there. Probably got some guts though and that’s not good cuz it could bring the quality of the meat down. I just took the shot this year (except the head was up, looking behind). Hit the spot and you will get double lung and heart.

  2. Well executed shot. I would take it, depending on factors of distance, angle, etc. of course, but given what can be seen I would take the shot. Anyone who has hunt turkeys knows you have to be able to hit a small small target window under hunting conditions so why not target a deer’s heart if that is the shot opportunity you are given. Looks to me like the hunter in this case correctly took into account flight path to pass to target the heart vs. just shooting at a spot on the hide.
    If you are the guy who picks up his bow once a year during archery season and only shoots at a target in the back yard to see if your equipment is still shooting straight this is not the shot for you.

  3. The thing that should most concern anyone watching this shot is that the arrow was too light to pass all the way through. Maybe the hunter was fifty yards away when they shot and even a heavy arrow would not have had enough momentum to pass at that distance, but I’m guessing it was one of these 350fps arrows that don’t have enough momentum at twenty yards let alone longer distances. As for the shot it should have been a couple of inches higher and then had the momentum been sufficient and passed all the way through, that deer would not have made it twenty yards before dropping dead.

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