Humans have a fascination with the ocean, and we’re not the only land animals to act like that. Upon seeing the ocean for the first time, this deer is more than happy to frolic amidst the waves. The footage was uploaded recently to Facebook by French filmmaker Anthony Martin. He had recorded it some time ago on the coast of Landes, France and described it as one of his all-time favorite shoots. It seems that the internet agreed. In just a few mere days, the video garnered more than 15 million views

“Thank you!” Martin wrote. “Making movies is my life, the only life I have been able to invent in order to realize myself.”

Perhaps there is something in the video of a deer running into the waves that speaks to us. More than just looking contented or curious, perhaps the best way to describe this deer is how free it looked.

What do you think?

L’un de mes plus beaux tournages.Pour moi, instant initiatique s’il en est… Anthony Martin

Posted by Anthony Martin on Monday, November 9, 2015

Image from Facebook

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One thought on “Video: Deer Freaks Out Seeing the Ocean for the First Time

  1. Great video this. But the deer is not freaked out it is just playing. And are you sure it is the first time it has seen the ocean. I have seen Red Deer play like this many times in the sand beside rivers.

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