Alligators are voracious predators and not even bobcats are completely safe from their jaws.

A resident of Tampa, Florida captured these amazing images of an alligator coming within inches of catching a bobcat. The alligator attempted to surprise the bobcat by slowly inching towards it on the shore. Just as the alligator was within striking distance the bobcat noticed the predator behind it. The bobcat was able to leap away just as the alligator lunged in for the kill. These rare images show that gators will try and eat just about anything even a cunning predator like a bobcat.

Luckily for the cat, its quick reflexes prevented it from using up one of its nine lives.

Image from Dianna Sleis on YouTube

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4 thoughts on “Alligator Tries to Eat Bobcat Sitting on Florida Shore

  1. Well isn’t he just PC, If it was my house and pond and that thing was in it and I got small children, I thing I would just take my 7mm RM and brain shoot that gator!

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