Conservation officers don’t have easy jobs. When an officer with Idaho Fish and Game discovered an entangled buck near Orofino in August, he knew it would go one of two ways.

“This might be a video of me getting my butt kicked, or it might turn out alright,” Game Conservation Officer John McLain said in a recent press release.

McLain has dealt with deer rescues before and knew from experience that they can be more than tricky—they can be downright dangerous. He has released deer from soccer nets and even a baseball batting cage, but this time the animal had seemingly entangled itself in a mass of twine. The release itself was fairly routine, but McLain said he was shocked when he shared it to Facebook and racked up 147,000 shares.

“I knew it would get some shares, but when it hit 100,000, I was like ‘Wow,'” he said, explaining that wildlife rescue was just part of his job. “I just happened to catch this one on video.”

McLain said he was swarmed with hundreds of friend requests and personal messages in the months following the release.

Image screenshot of video by idahofishgame on YouTube

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