This is definitely something that most people don’t want to do with a wild bear.

In the video below, renowned Turkish explorer Cemal Gulas can be seen inviting a young brown bear in the the river with him, resulting in a spontaneous splash fight. According to the Daily Mail, the relatively tame-looking bear is indeed wild, although it had previously spent some time with Gulas. The bruin appears to be somewhat confused when Gulas started splashing him but quickly caught onto the game. The two ended up calling a truce with a literal bear hug by the end of the video.

The encounter happened in Russia’s Altai Republic as part of a documentary on bears in the region.

Image screenshot of video by JukinVideo on YouTube

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3 thoughts on “Video: Man Has Splash Fight with Wild Bear in Stream

  1. delete this video, it encourages people to try this stunt with wild grizzly bears which will result in dead people and dead bears. Rob Kesselring USFS registered guide

  2. Clearly the bear is reaching for the guy to hug him. The only splashing going on is on the part of neckbeard. That bear is tamer than one of my cats I’ve had since she was just 2months old!

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