These extremely accurate Soviet-era shotgun slugs are probably not something your would find on the shelf at your local gun store. In fact, they are so rare that unless you are an ammo collector you have probably never heard of them.

YouTuber TAOFLEDERMAUS got his hands on some 30-year-old “POLEVA” sabot slugs and he decided to test out the accuracy.  The results of his test were actually pretty impressive. While he didn’t measure the groups in any sort of scientific manner, he was able to consistently hit the center of a two-liter bottle from 100 yards away. That accuracy was attained with a smoothbore shotgun over iron sights. According to the uploader, if the shotgun had a scope the results would have been even more impressive.

These rounds were designed to give hunters in the Soviet Union rifle-like accuracy from a shotgun. That was very important because the Soviet Union’s restrictive firearm policies all but banned rifles from being owned by civilians. These unique rounds are still incredibly rare in the United States, but they are still available in parts of the former Eastern Bloc today.

Image from TAOFLEDERMAUS on YouTube

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