There are a lot of things out in the woods that can steal your deer. Wolves, coyotes, mountain lions, and bears are just a few. Most of the time this tends to happen after a deer has already been shot, but occasionally these opportunistic predators will nab the animal right under your treestand.

Notice how bobcats weren’t in the above list? That’s because we don’t usually think bobcats prey on deer, especially since bobcats are only slightly larger than most housecats. As the video below shows, bobcats certainly can prey on cervids.

This hunter managed to record footage of a bobcat not only attacking a button buck right under his nose, but even getting the upper hand. The video cuts out soon after so we’re not really sure who won the fight.

“This evening’s hunt was insane… I look to my left and see a bobcat perched on the fallen tree beside me then a button buck steps out heading my way but I wasn’t the only one hunting. I know why the deer numbers are low,” wrote Derek Leep, who uploaded the video to Facebook.

Do you think this cat got some venison supper that day?

Image courtesy Kramer Gary, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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  • Chris

    Had the potential to be awesome but looked like it was shot by Heather Donahue of The Blair Witch Project.

  • Jody

    Isn’t that also a dead deer falling from the tree that the Bobcat jumped off from?

    • James

      Loose tree bark falling.

  • john anderson

    Whomever recorded it is an imbecile.

  • RPJ

    WTF! Really? You couldn’t hold that phone still for a few moments. Also TURN the camera so that it is formatted properly, please!

  • Allen

    If this hunter aims a weapon as well as they aim that camera, I think the deer are quite safe from them!

  • Ray

    Come on now, the guy was probably cleaning his shorts after seeing that happen in front of him, 😉