A Montana man has been charged with assault after his wife claimed that he tried to stab her with a pair of elk antlers because she refused to drive him to a strip club.

According to KRTV, 37-year-old Levi Brandon Richeson of Helena appeared in court last week on charges of assault with a weapon, aggravated assault, and partner-family member assault. His wife said he had tried to kill her.

“She said while she lay on her back he grabbed a large elk antler which he used to attempt to stab her as she fought back and kicked at him. She said he pressed one of the antlers against her chest and would have stabbed her except the spread of the antler spikes prevented it from entering her chest,” read court documents obtained by the Missoulian.

The entire incident started when Richeson asked her to drive him to a local gentleman’s club. The woman refused, explaining that taking him to the club would violate the terms of his release. Richeson is currently on parole for a rape conviction in Cascade County.

The woman added that Richeson was able to persuade a friend to take him to the club and he returned home intoxicated, at which point he started beating her. When he was unable to use the elk antlers to stab her, his wife said Richeson began strangling her before he grew tired and left. Richeson later returned and threatened that if she told police what happened, he would kill her and her family. He instead encouraged her to tell friends and family that the injuries were from an ATV accident.

When police spoke with Richeson on Sunday, he admitted assaulting his wife but explained that he was drunk at the time and remembered little from the incident.

According to court documents, Richeson was convicted in 2002 of four counts of sexual intercourse without consent and sentenced to four 10-year consecutive terms in prison. He is currently jailed on a $10,000 bond.

File image courtesy US Fish and Wildlife Service

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