Here’s another reason why dogs are truly man’s best friend.

This genius fisherman taught his dog to fish for lobsters. He started off by training it in his backyard pool, and eventually the lobster-hunting team moved out to the ocean.

The creator of the video said that he had the idea one day while out free diving. Now all he needs to do is spot the lobster for his dog Lila and she dives in to retrieve delicious seafood. If you want to teach your own four legged friend to catch lobsters, you can learn how by watching the entire eight-minute video.


Image from Devoted to the Ocean on YouTube

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6 thoughts on “Video: Man Teaches His Dog to Fish for Lobsters

  1. Good dog!!! That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! I wonder if he’d do that in Maine where the lobster are deeper and much colder water. Still awesome….

  2. Lovely boy-and-his-dog story. But if the “Devoted to the ocean” people are really all that concerned about marine wildlife, why in the world can’t they come up with an activity that is more respectful of marine wildlife? To say nothing of the poor dog!

  3. Are these dead lobsters? And where are the claws? You can’t pick up a lobster and the dog would get hurt. Maybe teach the dog to catch lobster tails. there is a difference. And the lobster tail is not the tail of a lobster.

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