If 10 years ago you told your average gun owner that one day we’d be experimenting with ultralight, 3D-printed 9x19mm bullets, they would’ve said your head was too far in the clouds. Yet technology marches on, and while it took a few stumbles before getting there, people have finally begun making 3D-printed bullets that work. Well, at least they don’t blow up your gun and have some measure of accuracy.

“One of my friends owns a 3D-printer and prints all sorts of crazy things with it,” wrote YouTube user Panzerkopf, who uploaded the below video. “A while ago, we were discussing different gun related parts that could be printed, such as grips. After a while we had the bright idea of printing actual bullets for reloading. I can’t remember seeing 3D-printed projectiles being fired through a rifled barrel yet, so this might a ‘proof of concept’ video.”

Below are the specs:

  • Material: PLA (prolylactic acid, biodegradeable)
  • Extruder temp: 195 C
  • Bed temp: 70 C
  • Layer height: 0.2mm
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
  • Bullet weight: 13 grains

Warning: video is extremely loud. Mute or lower your volume.

“As the video shows, the tests were successful,” Panzerkopf wrote. “All bullets fired and the Glock didn’t blow up. When it comes to accuracy, the 1gr loads showed some potential, while the 3.8gr loads seemed to shoot high and left. Hopefully, we’ll get around to do some medium testing sometime soon. We do not have access to ballistics gel, but we’ll figure something out.”

Image screenshot of video by Panzerkopf on YouTube

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