Who’s winning in this fight? It may be harder to tell than you think.

At first glance, the video below appears to show a coyote viciously attacking a young mountain lion. The coyote is on top and seems to have every advantage—including the cougar’s head in its jaws. It shakes the big cat mercilessly, digging its teeth deeper into the animal’s face. As one of the smaller predators in North America, coyotes generally survive by steering clear of larger carnivores, so it is strange to see it turn the tables here.

Or has it? On a closer viewing the coyote seems to be trying to escape more than it is attacking. Notice how the animal pulls back when shaking its head, as if its lower jaw was caught on something. Mountain lions can fight just as well on their backs, and judging by the way its paw is gripping the coyote’s head, it may be assumed that the mountain lion is biting down on the coyote in a mutual death grip.

Eventually both animals free themselves and go their separate ways. If they run into each other again in the future, however, the coyote may not be so lucky.

It is not known when or where this video was taken.

Video includes some harsh language.

Coyote Fights Mountain Lion

Posted by Wild life and Nature Pictures on Friday, August 14, 2015

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3 thoughts on “Video: Coyote Locked in Death Grip with Mountain Lion

  1. If i was a moron, and stated that a mountain lion was a bobcat…. I think I would have edited out the audio before posting this.

  2. Moron is correct! As to the printed narration, it became very obvious that the Cougar had gotten the best of the Coyote toward the end.

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