Up-and-coming YouTuber Brandon Herrera may be best known for his online moniker, TheAKGuy, but he is also an independent gun maker with lofty ambitions. Herrera recently announced that he will begin production of an AK-style rifle chambered in .50 BMG. Milled using CNC technology, the “AK-50” will be constructed out of mainly 4140 steel and aluminum components, while still accepting most standard AK furniture and Barrett M82 magazines. Herrera said that absolutely no cast parts will be used for the rifle.

“The result is a durable anti-material rifle on the simple and world famous AK platform,” he said on the AK-50’s reveal video.

Herrera states that he will begin taking orders in 2016 and that the rifle costs just under $7,000. He described the AK-50 as something of a secret project and very little is currently known about the weapon. What has been confirmed is that Herrera is still currently building a working prototype and that it has not been tested yet.

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