By any standards, this is a beautiful buck. It is very rare to see an albino or piebald deer in the wild. We don’t know where or when this video was shot, but judging from the fence in the footage, there is a chance that this buck came from a captive population, or from the famous Seneca white deer herd in New York.

The Seneca County deer constitute the largest population of white deer anywhere in the world. With a herd about 200 strong, the Seneca deer are not true albinos. Their white coloring comes from a set of recessive genes brought on by generations of isolation. Currently, the deer are still living inside the empty US Army depot where they have stayed for decades, but as local governments eye the property for development, more and more of the white deer are straying outside of the depot and getting into people’s lawns. This could be one of them.

It doesn’t seem to be happy with its new headwear. Deer have a habit of getting things stuck in their antlers and sometimes it can lead to some dangerous situations. So when this buck discovered it had a length of garland on its antlers, it was quick to remove it.

Have you ever seen a deer like this before?

Christmas Albino BuckHe’s in no mood for decorating!

Posted by Backwoods Life on Thursday, December 10, 2015

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