Video: Arizona Cowboys Lasso, Rescue Drowning Spike Buck


These two cowboys showed up precisely where they were needed. Officers from Arizona Game and Fish responded to a call regarding a distressed deer in a canal near Lake Pleasant last week, only to find that help was already there. Two cowboys, using little more than rope and their time-earned expertise of herding livestock, assisted officers in rescuing this stranded spike mule deer.

“Arizona Game and Fish wildlife officers never know what each new day will bring,” the department wrote on YouTube. “On December 17, 2017 Officers Reuben Gonzales, David Mayer and Ryan Babel responded to a call about a deer trapped in a canal near Lake Pleasant. With the help of a couple of cowboys, who happened to be in the area, they were able to extract the deer and release him on dry land.”

Of course, unless wildlife officials could peer into the future, that date is December 17, 2015, not 2017.

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