The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow is neither a bow nor a rifle, but it has enough power to humanely take a buffalo.

Crosman just released this new promo video for their Benjamin Pioneer Airbow. The footage shows Jim Shockey harvesting a buffalo with the interesting hybrid device. According to Crosman, the Airbow can be filled to 3000 PSI and it fires full-sized arrows. It’s capable of sequentially launching eight full-sized arrows at a blazing 450 FPS.

We are not sure whether this new hybrid device can legally be used during archery season—or muzzleloader season for that matter. States will probably start classifying this device soon enough.

Image from Crosman on YouTube

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18 thoughts on “Video: Jim Shockey Takes Down Buffalo with Air-powered Bow

  1. HaHaHaHa at calling it a “BOW”. Where are the limbs? Where is the string? Where is the draw cycle? How on earth can you apply the term “bow” to that gun? By that lack of reasoning, stuffing an arrow down the bore of a .410 shotgun makes it a bow. FAIL. I’ve lost all respect for Shockey.

    1. The Benjamin company branded it as the “Benjamin pioneer airbow”, Jim is just calling it what they named it. What would you refer to it as?

      1. Read the title of the story and the title of the video. Idiot. They claim its a bow. They insert the word “bow”. Look at their web site and see their plea to contact legislators to make it legal in archery and crossbow seasons. You did not think your reply through very well at all.

      1. That is not a requirement or reason to withhold an opinion. It appears im not alone. As numbers grow, I suspect he may eventually care. Jus sayin.

  2. Owing to the FPS rating, it will not be classified as a firearm which uses compressed gas to propel a projectile. The FPS rating (in Illinois) is 700 FPS or more regardless of powered by compressed gas or gun powder… is a firearm. The caliber is also of .18 diameter or greater which an arrow will be.

    Still will be interesting to see the official classification.

    1. That’s interesting I didn’t realize that some states claasify an airgun as a firearm if it shoots a proectile fast enough and meets a certain caliber threshold. I routinely eliiminate pack rats around myseni-rural 2-acre property within city limits with my Gamo .177 pellet rifle at 1100 FPS. I dont think Arizona has the same airgun distinctions (I will check) but I guess I am lucky I didn’t get the .22 model I was looking for

  3. The manufacturer has stated it’s not a bow, yet they choose to use that label to confuse the states and consumers.
    Call it what it is “Arrow Gun”, “Arrow Air Gun”. It doesn’t have the features of a bow.

  4. Not a bow duh its an airgun that has an arrow jammed in it very low tech see muzzleloaders.. 🙂
    not impressed i’ll stick with my 338 win for big game one shot resounding echo 1 dead buffalo at 10 times the range.

  5. The maker is pleading with customers to urge their lawmakers and game commissions to allow this gun in archery and crossbow seasons. Its no wonder they repeatedly use the “Bow” in their marketing. Its got none of the parts or actions related to using a bow.

  6. First off – that is not a full blooded buffalo. I guess there aren’t many of them around anymore, and especially not in what looks like South Texas – but that is pretty small compared to the ones you see in Yellowstone Park.
    Secondly, that thing is domesticated! It looks like he could have walked right up and scratched it behind the ears! What the?! I can’t call that “hunting” in good conscious.

  7. Just another attempt to separate fools from their money by capitalizing on the hard work and efforts of generations of hunters. The mil-lineal money hounds cashing in grandpa’s resource.

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