Video: Mink Attempts to Steal Ice Fisherman’s Walleye


Minks are notorious thieves—especially when it comes fresh fish. It isn’t every day that you see a mink out on the ice, but when you do, make sure you keep it away from any fish you want to keep.

This angler realizes a little too late that the sly critter didn’t drop by for a minnow, but one of his walleyes instead.

Professional walleye fisherman and co-host of The Next Bite Keith Kavajecz posted this video on his Facebook page recently, commenting that ice fishing can sometimes almost seem like a combat sport. Sure enough, the mink burrowed into his shack and was determined to leave with a fish as big as it was. With more than 350,000 views in less than three hours, this video is well on its way to viral territory.

Ice fishing is a Combat Sport!!!

Posted by Keith Kavajecz on Monday, January 4, 2016

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